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Thanks to Kristen Lamb http://kristenlamb.org/ and her book , I have entered the 21st century. Technology and I have had a love/hate relationship for years, but I am really having fun connecting with people, places, and causes that are close to my heart.

As a survivor of child abuse, I understand the pot-holes and detours along the road to recovery. Through this website and my memoir Don’t Cry, Daddy’s Here I openly share my story in an effort to inform and inspire. Incest is not a new thing, nor does it discriminate against any race, gender, socio-economic group, religious affiliation, culture, or age. It is an epidemic that no one wants to admit exists, much less discuss.

With the statistics as high as 1 in 3 children being victims of sexual abuse, the chances are you or someone you love has a survival story or is currently in danger. Check out the resources on this site and find out what the signs are and what you can do make life a little better.

If you want to share your story with me, I am hear to listen. Don’t stay silent any longer….it will eat you alive.

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  1. glenn says:

    Ms. Brinda,
    Thank you for you visit to my BlogSite and comment. I have looked over your webpage and it looks great. I wish there had been no need for it,, perhaps a different one.

  2. Annie Fleetwood says:

    My name is Annie, and I’m an incest survivor. I can personally assure you that it is possible to not only survive but, rise out of the darkness that seems engulfing. I was abused by my father. He divorced my mother and hid my brother and me from her for almost two decades. My brother and I were subjected to physical and mental abuse throughout our childhoods. The sexual abuse that my father subjected me to, began when I was eleven. When I was 17, I found the courage to stand up to him. This only angered him and he lashed out at me verbally, but he never touched me again.
    I married my husband when I was 20 and had my first baby when I was 21. Looking at that beautiful face gave me the inspiration and courage to seek help and find a way out of the legacy of abuse, that so overshadowed my life. I experienced periods when I didn’t want to live and times when I didn’t think I could keep moving. I had many desperate moments. I didn’t want my baby girl or any other children that I would have, to experience the effects of abuse. I went through counseling and talked about my experiences, pushing the scars and secrets out, into the light.
    I realized that, I wasn’t the one at fault and, I had no control over what had happened to me. But, I did have the choice of how it would or wouldn’t affect the rest of my life.
    I have come a long way from the person that I was 29 years ago. I’ve resolved many issues, grown as a person and woman, and I’ve learned that I’m smart, wise, and valuable. As an adult, I discovered what all people should learn when they are children, that they deserve to be loved and cherished.
    As a result of the abuse that I was subjected to, I continue to struggle with Compulsive overeating, Bulimia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic Attacks, Depression, Anxiety, and Low Self Esteem. More importantly, I AM A SURVIVOR. I have a happy fulfilling life, something that I didn’t think was possible 30 years ago. Whatever you have endured, you can survive and prevail. Brinda and I have been friends for a long time. We have helped each other and cheered each on in our progress. We share belief in ourselves, love of family, amazing and supportive husbands and trust in God.
    Who ever you are and where ever you are, don’t give up. You are not alone and there are many people who are willing to show you the path to life.

    • brinda says:

      Thank you, Annie. We have been through a lengthy recovery process, much of it side by side. You have been a wonderful friend. Thanks for listening to me rant, rave, laugh, and cry. I’m grateful that you are doing so well and were willing to share your story….that is very brave. I look forward to celebrating each new ray of sunshine in our lives 🙂

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