Writing to Heal

Journaling helped me so much in my recovery, and I believe it is important to write down your experiences and feelings…even if you turn around and throw it into the fireplace. 

Recently, I read a blog titled Writing and Trauma-An Exercise in Healing by Sherry Davis Zander on the website writing4effect.com . She writes a fantastic blog for writers and just so happens the information in this blog applies to everyone. Sherry Zander shares the heartbreaking story of her friends Jason and Kim and how writing about the tragedy of losing their baby has helped them through the grieving process. 

I invite you to check out the site for more information, but include in this message other great sites posted in her blog where you can learn more about writing through trauma and grief.

Some of the sites that articulated it best are as follows:

Healing is a process and one must allow time for the mind and heart to work through it. There are many methods, people, and organizations to help a person through this process, but ultimately it is up to you to investigate options and pick and choose what feels comfortable to you along the road to recovery.

God Bless,


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4 Responses

  1. Hello, Brinda. What an amazing compliment to have you share one of my posts on your blog. I am honored. Thank you!

  2. Dan Hays says:

    I completely agree, Brinda. My journals have been huge in trying to sort out what was wrong with my life. I’m working now on a memoir about some of my abuse issues, and as I publish chapters for an online magazine, I finally realized it had become part of my healing process. I recently stated that I benefitted more from that writing process than the EMDR therapy I did!

    Great blog post!

    • BrindaCarey says:

      How true, Dan. Imagine how surprised I was to find more healing, answers, and closure after all these years while writing my book, Don’t Cry, Daddy’s Here: One Woman’s Journey to Recovery from Incest. It was both a struggle and a blessing…which, I guess is true for all labors of love 🙂 Thank you for your comment and I am pleased to hear of your recovery and writing venture. Please share the title of your work and let us know where to find it online.

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