In Sickness and in Health

The smell of grilled burgers and hotdogs tantalized us on the way into the store and after perusing the aisles of groceries, the aroma acted as a magnet when we finally walked out the door. Although it was delicious, my hotdog did not set well. My stomach ached and gas bubbles rumbled throughout my digestive system. By the second day, I came to the conclusion that I must have either gotten food poisoning or had the onset of stomach flu.

You see, my immune system is a puny little wimp. I seem to contract every virus floating in the air and take an extra-long time getting well. Apparently, this is one of the many facets of life with Fibromyalgia. Being chronically ill works many abuses upon the body and soul, and for the most part, I’ve come to terms with that.

It’s difficult to see someone you love dealing with an illness, especially one that is long term. I’ve seen the stress, anxiety, and depression my husband has gone through simply because he loves me. I’d love to protect Dennis and the rest of my family from worrying about me. But, I am not one of those beautiful, courageous people who are strong enough to not show their pain.

My husband, Dennis, works hard and has always desired to provide me with everything I want and need. However, he cannot buy me health, although he has certainly spent a fortune on medicines, tests, doctor appointments, and supplements in an effort to do so. Dennis used to rarely get sick, but now he often finds himself being treated for something he caught from me so, this time, I am praying that I have food poisoning, knowing it is something I cannot pass along.

This weekend, in the midst of diarrhea, nausea, headaches (yes, I’m sure I was quite attractive), Dennis called me to come sit beside him on the couch. Listen to this, he says and clicks on the screen. As the song plays, he tilts his head back and closes his eyes as a tender smile plays across his face. I immediately recognize the voice of my dear friend, Annie’s son. Kenny Fleetwood is in the band Farewell Fighter, but in this song he sings alone with only his guitar for accompaniment. I find myself holding Dennis’s hand as I lay my head on his shoulder and listen to this sweet love song, wondering if Kenny has fallen in love.

When it is finished, Dennis says, “Well, what do you think?”

“Nice song. By Kenny, right?” I am a fantastic conversationalist when I am sick.

“I had him write it for you,” he says.

I’m sure that my ghastly pale face held an expression of confusion as I just sat there looking at him. There should be tears of joy, profound exclamations of love, passionate kissing…something. But, give me a break, I’m trying to not breathe on him and get him sick. So instead I simply hug his arm and say, “That’s so sweet. Sorry I’m sick and not able to express just how much this means to me.”

He smiles and pats my hand. “I know, Honey. I know.” And I understand that he does, just as I know with all my heart how much he loves me…in sickness as in health…forever.

Dennis and Brinda ~ December 2011

Song: You’re My Everything

Copywrite: Kenny Fleetwood

Written exclusively for Dennis Carey

‘You’re My Everything’

When I was much younger
I dreamed of a day when I’d find
The love of my life
If someone told me back then
That I’d be with you
I’d pray it were true

What did I do
To make this world give me you
You are everything
You’re my everything

That auburn hair
And those green eyes that stare
Into me
I hope they can see
You’re my everything

If ever in history
There’s been a better best friend or wife
I’d contend
That I am the luckiest man
Cause I’ve got the fairest of maidens
In all the land


That auburn hair
And those green eyes that stare
Into me
I hope they can see
You’re my everything

Kenny Fleetwood performing with Farewell Fighters

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  1. Annie Fleetwood says:

    My Dear Friend,
    I was surprised as I read this. I know that my son is talented but never thought of him sharing that with you and Dennis. I’m so glad that he did and I can see that it was a very personal, expressive poem/song. I’m also very glad that you have a husband that loves so deeply and so well my friend. You both deserve the wonderful love and rich relationship that you have with each other.

    With the greatest admiration and love for you My Friend,
    Anonymous 😉

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