When Innocence and Evil are Laced by Mary Moore

When Innocence and Evil Are Laced

This monstrous anger occupies my broken existence;
Insisting that it immerse itself far inside the soul.
As a young child, quietness danced in my heart;
Long before filthy hands took wounding control.

Settled smug as though it’s secure,
Still awkwardly so and unembraced.
Seems there are no rules to what comes in,
When innocence and evil are laced.

Within reflects the unyielding character
Of deep-rooted hostility made to silently sleep.
What colors dare echo the picture of this anger
That so leisurely entices the heart to weep.

Anger ~ emphatically undesired in this slumbered state,
And still obligated to speak with undaunted voice.
Otherwise held captive by the sins of malice men;
Anger no longer has the grip of selfish choice.

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